Shadow a doctor without putting yourself or your family at risk.


    Study videos of real patients as they go through diagnosis and treatment.


    Interactive classes and discussions led by trained medical personnel.


    Designed with the input of current and former admissions committee members to make sure this is the MOST realistic clinical experience you can get outside of the hospital.

Free Virtual Shadowing

Every Wednesday at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST

Watch real patients describe their symptoms as a doctor leads you through the process of note-taking, testing, diagnosis, and treatment. This LIVE course is held via Zoom and features interactive questions and answers to keep you engaged.


  • Free Virtual Shadowing led by qualified medical personnel every Wednesday evening at 8pm EST / 5pm PST.

  • 400-Level Seminar Courses (Additional Fee) – Using the same case-based model popular at US medical schools, pre-health students form teams to present cases to their peers and get guidance from medical students.

  • Homework Assignments – Using additional ReelDX cases, students learn to take SOAP notes and apply critical reasoning.

  • Certification of Hours – Students who come to shadowing sessions, attend clinical education sessions, and do homework assignments will be issued a Certificate of Completion that certifies the clinical hours that students completed to be put on their applications to medical school, PA school, nursing school or other health professions program.

Watch Intro Video

Case 661 Presented by Michael Cohen

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is clinical shadowing? What is HEAL and will medical schools accept virtual shadowing??

    Traditionally, shadowing involves observing a healthcare professional in their daily work - interacting with patients and colleagues, applying their specialized knowledge, and reflecting on the rewards and challenges of their profession. While shadowing, you can develop a sense of the culture in a healthcare office or hospital, the skills you will need to develop as a healthcare professions student, and your own vision for the type of care provider you want to be. Great question! We're happy you asked and decided to stop by. HEAL is a virtual clinical shadowing course primarily intended for college/university pre-health students. With clinical spaces under lock down due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the team at HEAL wanted to make sure that pre-health students receive valuable clinical exposure. While the AAMC has not put out an official statement on virtual shadowing opportunities, many medical schools have indicated that they will accept virtual experiences in lieu of in person experiences.

  • What is the difference between the 101 course and the 400 seminar courses?

    Another great question! Our 101 course occurs weekly on Wednesday evenings and features a rotating cast of instructors. Every instructor picks an interesting case and delves into a lesson incorporating disease pathology and physiology, as well as their personal experiences in the clinical environment. This course is free and will continue for as long as there is interest. Our 400 seminar courses offer interactive learning in a smaller group setting, where you can build rapport with your peers and physician-instructor. These 400 level seminars are provided for one-time tuition fee, require a subscription to ReelDx, and provide the opportunity for additional hours of self-study using ReelDx cases and related reading material.

  • I missed some of the free shadowing sessions, can I watch the replays?

    Yes! The replay will be available for two weeks after each session. This functionality will begin in November and you will be notified by email when it is ready!

  • So, how do I prove to medical schools that I completed virtual clinical shadowing hours?

    Certificates of clinical shadowing will be provided quarterly to account for your attendance at Shadowing 101 sessions, time spent watching replays, and participation in 400 level courses. Be sure to fill out the attendance form at the end of every Wednesday night 101 session. Medical schools typically take you at your word for the amount of clinical shadowing experience you have - a successful application comes down to how you write and talk about what you have seen and learned, and how well you understand what a life in medicine entails.

  • I have a class/job/ other commitment on Wednesday evenings!!! I still want to be a part of this. What do I do?

    Fear not! Enroll in Clinical Shadowing 101 where replays will be available to view for two weeks after the live session. If you missed the first few months of live sessions, those historical replays will soon be available for a small fee. Your certificate of clinical shadowing will include the total number of videos + reflections completed. We are currently working on developing recorded versions of our 400 level courses.

  • I am in high school. Can I be participate in HEAL?

    Everyone is welcome to come to our Wednesday 101 course. Our 400 level seminars are designed for people at the undergraduate level. We are currently developing courses for high school students interested in BS-MD programs, so stay tuned!

  • What's this I've been hearing about ReelDx?

    We here at HEAL have an exclusive partnership with ReelDx, a HIPAA compliant clinical education company that provides videos of real patients and their accompanying vitals / differential diagnosis. We use ReelDx cases in both our 101 and 400 courses. Seminar students will be required to purchase monthly ReelDx access to complete self-directed learning experiences for additional clinical hours. We offer discounted pricing of ReelDx licenses to our students.

  • I am a pre-health advisor or premed group president and want to schedule a 400 seminar course for my students. Is that an option?

    Yes! We are happy to schedule specific 400 courses for college clubs or groups. Please contact us at info@clinicalshadowing.com to inquire.

  • I still have more questions! Whom do I ask?

    Please reach out to us at info@clinicalshadowing.com and we will be in touch!


More interactive clinical education courses are coming soon. Until then, join us for Free Clinical Shadowing on Wednesdays.

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