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What's Included in the Membership+ Plan

  • Two 101 Courses

    Each month, you'll receive two pre-selected months of 101 courses offering 5 clinical shadowing hours each!

    Courses will expire at the end of the month so don't delay getting started.

    You'll also have the opportunity to choose one Specialty course from HEAL's library each month. With 60 days to complete it, you can earn 6 clinical shadowing hours.

  • Amazing New Content

    Participate in all new monthly content beginning in August...

    • Ask Me Anything Sessions
    • Ethics Discussions
    • Monthly M&M events
    • 1:1 Mentoring with a Medical Student
    • Small Group Practicums
    • Monthly Expert Lectures

  • LIVE Mentoring

    Work directly with medical professionals in a monthly LIVE mentoring session. You'll learn and work with those who can help move your medical journey forward.

    You'll learn what it takes to be a successful candidate in aspects such as communication, education, and essential competencies.

M+ Calendar of Events

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Upcoming Topics

  • Sept 2022: Avoiding Burnout: Keeping the Fire Alive

    As you begin your medical school journey, you will hear the term “burnout” mentioned frequently, but what does it mean?

    This month you will learn about burnout; what it is and how to keep your personal fire going. You'll learn tactics such as smart scheduling, preventing burnout using activities outside of school, and relieving burnout if it happens to you!

    Our expert mentors are ready to help you reach your goals with stamina and fortitude!

  • October 2022: How to Stand Out in Applications and in Life

    Join Tara Tardino for this fresh insight into being ready for a compelling Health Professional School admissions process. It's not just filling out forms. Finding the way that successful pre-health students navigate both their undergraduate activity and their applications/admissions process can be the difference between being accepted or rejected.

  • November 2022: How to Form Strong Professional Relationships and Obtain Excellent Letters of Recommendation

    Join Janet Snoyer, HEAL's resident medical school admissions specialist, for a discussion on forming professional relationships that can lead to persuasive, sterling letters of recommendation.

    This is a must for all medical school applicants! You won't want to miss it!

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