What's Included in the Membership+ Plan

  • Two 101 Courses

    Each month, you'll receive two pre-selected months of 101 courses offering 5 clinical shadowing hours each!

    Courses will expire at the end of the month so don't delay getting started.

  • One Anytime Course

    You'll have the opportunity to choose one Anytime course from HEAL's library each month. With 60 days to complete it, you can earn 6 clinical shadowing hours.

  • LIVE Mentoring

    Work directly with medical professionals in a monthly LIVE mentoring session. You'll learn and work with those who can help move your medical journey forward.

    You'll learn what it takes to be a successful candidate in aspects such as communication, education, and essential competencies.

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LIVE Mentoring Topic Calendar

All LIVE sessions are held at 8:00 pm ET.
Replays will be available within 24 hours.

  • June 2nd: How to Write So that Medical Schools Will See You!
  • June 16: AMA With Dr. Omrigaar. Submit your writing ahead of time and Dr. O will walk through it with the whole class! See where different passages of writing can be improved for powerful communication!
  • July 7: Join Mandy Siglin and Owen who are MCAT coaches to perpare you for taking the best MCAT you can!
  • July 21: Join Conrad Ashby of Jack Westin MCAT Prep for MCAT Advising. They will be giving away one free CARS course and one free Science Course to participants as well as sharing many free resources. (Note free giveaways are only available to those who attend live).

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